The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Rocket attack | Six people killed in attack on positions of Iranian forces and allied militias on the outskirts of Albu Kamal

SOHR activists say that loud explosions were heard this morning in the area of Albu Kamal, which is controlled by Iranian forces and loyal militias in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

According to Observatory sources, the explosions were caused by a rocket attack targeting the positions and posts of those militias in the area of Al-Sikkeh on the outskirts of Albu Kamal. The attack left six Iranian-backed militiamen dead and destroyed of many vehicles.


It is not known yet whether the attack was caused by Israeli airstrikes or surface-to-surface missiles fired by the International Coalition bases stationed on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported hearing several explosions in Al-Raqqah, as unidentified drones struck positions of Iranian militias in the south-eastern countryside of Al-Raqqah. However, no casualties were reported then.


Earlier, Observatory sources monitored unidentified aircraft executing several airstrikes for the second day in a row, targeting areas held by Iranian-backed militias of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities nearby al-Sabkha desert in the south-east of Raqqah city. No casualties were reported.


Two days ago, however, SOHR activists reported airstrikes by unidentified aircraft on Ma’adan Atiq desert in the south-eastern countryside of Raqqah, where pro-Iranian militias of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities are located, but no casualties were reported. It is worth noting that ISIS cells are also active in this region.