The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Arrested two years ago | Civilian from Al-Rastan north of Homs dies under torture in regime prisons

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented the death of a resident from the city of al-Rastan in the northern countryside of Homs, under torture inside the regime security prisons after the arrest of nearly two years, while his body was handed over to his relatives on Friday.

It is worth nothing that the victim was working as a civil servant in the local council of al-Rastan after the opposition factions took control of the city, and was arrested by regime forces after capturing the area, for “dealing with the opposition factions”.

The number of civilians died in regime prisons rose to 16,221 civilians documented by names by the Syrian Observatory. The breakdown of fatalities is as follows: 16,032 men and young men, 125 children under the age of eighteen and 64 women since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, out of 104,000, the Syrian Observatory had learnt that they died inside regime prisons.

The Syrian Observatory had obtained information from a number of reliable sources which confirmed that civilians had been executed and killed inside Syrian regime and intelligence prisons. Of whom more than 83 percent were executed and killed inside these prisons between May 2013 and October 2015. SOHR sources also confirmed that more than 30,000 of detainees were killed in the notorious Saydnaya prison, while the second most dominant percentage was in regime Air-Force Intelligence prisons.