The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Dozens of fighters killed and wounded in clashes in al- Ahdath Prison area, while IS brings 400 militants to the battlefronts of south of al- Hasakah


Al- Hasakah Province: US- led coalition warplanes carried out several airstrikes on IS- held areas in al- Shaddadi area in south of al- Hasakah.


The violent clashes between the regime forces, backed by NDF and allied militiamen, against IS militants are still taking place in al- Ahdath Prison area in south of the city of al- Hasakah, accompanied by loud explosions in the area and amid aerial bombardment by the helicopters and aircrafts on IS positions in south of al- Hasakah city leading to kill and wound dozens of IS militants and members of the regime forces and allied militiamen.


SOHR received information that IS brought more than 400 militants from the city of Deir Ezzor to south fronts of the city of al- Hasakah that has witnessed violent clashes with the regime forces and allied militiamen.