The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The intensive airstrikes leave more casualties in the countryside of Idlib

Idlib Province: The helicopters bombed barrel bombs on areas in the countryside of Abu al-Dohur and other areas around Abu al-Dohur military airport besieged by Jabhat Al-Nusra and other Islamist groups since more than two years. They also dropped several barrel bombs on places in al-Rami Village in al-Zawiyah Mountain followed by regime bombing on the village. The aircrafts carried out a raid on places in Ayn Laroz Village in Al-Zawiyah mountain while the helicopter dropped several barrel bombs on areas in villages of Jedraya , Ennib , Al-Sahn , Al-Badriyah and Al-lej coincided with shelling by the regime forces on the villages. In additions to, the helicopters dropped barrel bombs on areas around Orim AL-Joz


Clashes erupted in the countryside of Jeser al- Shagour between fighters of Islamist groups versus the regime forces and their allies, information reported human losses on both sides.


A man from village of Ma’asaran  died after helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the city of Idlib. A young man, a woman and a child died due to dropping explosive barrels on areas in Khan Shekhoun city in Idlib’s southern countryside