The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Explosive barrels kill 17 civilians in Aleppo countryside

Aleppo province: 3 rebels were killed by aerial bombardment targeted a clinic in al-Atarib town in the western countryside of Aleppo. 6 civilians including 2 children and a woman were killed by aerial bombardment on Der Jamal town in the northern countryside, the number of the dead is likely to rise according to the serious injuries. Explosive barrels killed 8 civilians including 5 children from one family in the town of Hayan in the northern countryside. Clashes continue around Soran A’zaz between Jabaht al-Nusra backed by Islamic battalions against IS, confirmed reports of killing a Bahraini leader in IS. Areas of Big Orm, Tal Ref’at, and Talalin were exposed to aerial bombardment. Clashes continued between regime forces backed by Non-Syrian militants and Hezbollah against Islamic battalions and Jabhat al-Nusra in Karam al-Tarab and Jam’ia al-Zahraa neighborhoods.