The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More militiamen of Hezbollah killed, while the clashes renew on the outskirts of al- Yarmouk Camp


Rif Dimashq Province: Violent clashes are taking place between Hezbollah, backed by the regime forces and NDF, against Jabhat al- Nusra and Islamist factions in Jrud Ersal (the barren rocky mountain of Ersal) near the Syrian- Lebanese border. 2 militiamen of Hezbollah died in clashes with Jabhat al- Nusra and Islamist factions.


The regime forces shelled and opened fire on places in the city of al- Zabadani.


Damascus Province: The regime forces arrested a Palestinian man at Damascus- Daraa Highway and dragged him to unknown [lace.


The clashes between the regime forces, backed Palestinian Popular Front- the General Command, and IS renewed in al- Yarmouk Camp.