The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After over 60 civilians perished in horrifying massacre on the same bakery in 2012 | Regime government holds opening ceremony of Halfaya bakery

Syrian Observatory activists have monitored “regime authorities” opening Halfaya bread bakery in the northern countryside of Hama, four years after regime forces, with Russian air support, had captured Halfaya city, and eight years after the horrifying massacre by regime fighter jets on the same bakery opened today. In this massacre in 2012, over 60 civilians were killed and 100 other people, mostly civilians, were injured while they were awaiting their bread in queues in front of the bakery.


Today, regime government, and in presence of regime officers and pro-regime politics, celebrates the reopening of the bakery by holding a music show in the same place which is still filled up with smell of death, disregarding all humanitarian and moral values.


On December 23, 2012, SOHR activists have documented the death of 60 civilians in airstrikes by a regime jet on Halfaya city in the northern countryside of Hama. The death toll was expected to rise further as the attack left scores injured, nearly 50 of whom sustained serious injuries. The injured people were taken at that time to hospitals in the area as well as hospitals in the northern countryside of Idlib.