The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkey’s military movement in “de-escalation zone” | Forces rearrange their ranks at military posts

Reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that Turkish forces deployed within “Putin-Erdoğan” area in Idlib province have begun new rearrangements, including soldiers and equipment at various posts and locations inside Idlib province. 

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the command in charge of the Turkish forces in Idlib province, carried out transfers and replacements of existing soldiers and equipment and rearranged them within their posts, placing battalions of artillery, armored, infantry, logistics and air defense at each military post, with the aim of strengthening the posts with battalions of all military specialities.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the rearrangement of the new Turkish forces in the military poss and positions due to several reasons, the most important of which:

  • Counter any attack by the regime in Idlib province.
  • Replacement of the soldiers within the guard posts on frontlines with other soldiers due to the great pressure on the Turkish forces because of the large number of posts and guard posts.
  • Turkish forces’ intention to establish new military posts throughout the “Putin-Erdogan” area.
  • The discontent of the Turkish soldiers regarding the current situation in Idlib province due to the suspension of their military leave by the Turkish army. As six months have passed without taking their leave, which led some Turkish soldiers to shoot themselves with live bullets so that they could get military leave and return to their homes in Turkish territory.