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Growing tension | Military police intervene to defuse dispute between “Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyyah” and “Al-Hamza Division” in Al-Bab

Aleppo Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Syrian Observatory activists have monitored growing tension in Al-Bab city, which is under the control of Turkish forces and the factions of “Euphrates Shield” operations room, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo over the dispute between “Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyyah” and “Al-Hamza Division”.


Meanwhile, a military column of the military police was seen arriving in Al-Bab city in the early hours of Sunday morning with the aim to defuse the disagreement between the warring parties, as members of “Al-Hamza Division” were released.


Yesterday, Observatory activists monitored a state of military alert and arrests of members of Turkish-backed factions in Al-Bab city in the east of Aleppo. According to SOHR sources, members of al-Hamza Division and the police arrested a leader of Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya and assaulted him in front of his family. Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya reacted to the incident by arresting several members of al-Hamza Division, along with the arrival of military reinforcement of al-Hamza Division coming from Bazza’a and Qabasin towns, north of Aleppo.