The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Children and women killed due to aerial bombardment on the city of Aleppo


Aleppo Province:

Violent clashes are taking place between the rebel and Islamic battalions on one side and IS militants on the other in Soran and Kafrah in north of Aleppo, amid mutual shelling between the two sides, information reported casualties on both sides. Information also reported that IS has seized a village in north of Aleppo after withdrawal of the rebel and Islamic battalions.


3 children died due to fall of some shells launched the Islamic battalions on places in the town of al- Zahraa which is inhabited by people from Shia Sect. a woman and 3 of her children as well as a pregnant woman and her child died due to dropping barrel bombs on the neighborhood of al- Ma’adi in the city of Aleppo which caused material damages in people’s properties too.


The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the town of Mare’ and village of Harbel in north of Aleppo leading to wound some people.


Al- Hasakah Province:

A man from the town of Shbaylah in south of the city of Tal Tamer died due to explosion of a landmine in his house.