The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Military conscription | Regime Security services arrest nearly 15 youths on Khirbet Ghazala-Daraa road

Daraa Governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

Reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that the regime security forces set up temporary checkpoint in order to launch arrest campaign. The checkpoint was set up on the road of Khirbet Ghazala – Daraa city. More than 15 young people were arrested after searches and security check on them, as well as searches of all passers-by and cars. While the reason for their arrest is probably for military conscription in the regime army.

On December 17, SOHR sources said that members of the 8th Brigade of the Russian-backed “Fifth Corps” raided a house in the town of Samad in Daraa countryside, and arrested a man after returning from Lebanon, where he had been living for years.

On December 15, members of the Air-Force Intelligence branch stationed in the city of Da’il arrested a young man from the city and took him to an unknown location.

On December 9, SOHR sources said that unidentified gunmen raided a house in northern neighbourhood of Al-Masifra town in eastern Daraa countryside, kidnapping a young man and took him to an unknown destination.

On December 8, regime forces arrested a young man from the city of Da’il in Daraa and took him to an unknown prison.

It is worth nothing that the young man struck earlier a reconciliation deal with the regime forces.