The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Airstrikes | Russian jets target Kabana hills with vacuum missiles in northern countryside of Latakia province

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored two Russian airstrikes targeting with vacuum missiles the positions of opposition factions stationed on Kabana hills in Jabal al-Akrad, north of Latakia. No casualties have been reported. The strikes coincided with a rocket attack by the “Al-Fateh al-Mubin” factions on the positions of regime forces stationed on Al-Malik hill in Jabal al-Akrad, while Russian reconnaissance drones were seen flying over the area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored this morning an exchange of rocket attack between opposition factions and regime forces on frontlines of Jabal al-Zawiya in southern countryside of Idlib province, coinciding with the flight of Russian reconnaissance drones over the region.

Yesterday, SOHR activists documented the death of two regime soldiers after being shot by snipers of opposition factions on the 46th Regiment frontline in western Aleppo. Another regime soldier and an officer were also killed on Jubas frontline in rural Idlib.

Moreover, the factions managed to destroy a military vehicle of regime forces on the frontline of Al-Dar Al-Kaberah in southern Idlib.

On the other hand, SOHR sources have monitored sporadic shelling on rebel positions on Hursh Bayanin frontlines in Idlib countryside.