The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Routine patrols | Russian forces tour Al-Qamishli city, as tension growing between Asayish and regime forces

Syrian Observatory activists have monitored a Russian patrol comprising several armoured vehicles touring Al-Qamishli city this morning, as a part of routine patrols in the region. The new patrol coincides with the growing tension in Al-Qamishli city between the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) and regime forces.


On December 21, Syrian Observatory activists monitored a routine Russian patrol of four vehicles touring Al-Malikiyyah countryside (Dayrik). The patrol headed to Ain Diwar village in northern Al-Malikiyyah and Al-Jisr Al-Rumani near the Syria-Turkey border, then returned to the western countryside of Al-Malikiyyah on its way to the starting point in Al-Qamishly city. It is worth noting that the patrol was escorted by two Russian helicopters.


Similarly, on December 12, Observatory activists monitored U.S. forces conducting a patrol of several armored vehicles, including the U.S armoured “Bradley” vehicles, escorted by an SDF vehicle near the oil fields in the area of Ramilan in rural al-Malikiyyah “Dayrik”, north-east of Al-Hasakah.


While on December 6, the Syrian Observatory monitored a military patrol conducted by US forces near the city of Ramilan, eastern Al-Hasakah, as part of its routine movement in the area.