The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

ISIS resurgence | Syrian desert’s ambush brings death toll of regime forces and loyalists in attacks to nearly 820 in 2020

The Syrian Observatory has monitored a spike in the death toll of regime forces, as a result of an ISIS attack on military buses on the Homs-Deir ez-Zor road yesterday. The death toll of the 4th Division and regime forces has risen to 39, including eight officers of different ranks, all of whom were killed in an attack on military buses on the Homs-Deir ez-Zor road.

It is worth nothing that some of the bodies were charred as fires broke out after the attack, in addition to a number of injuries, some serious.

It is also worth nothing that this is the largest attack by the Islamic State this year in terms of the number of casualties among regime forces.

According to SOHR statistics, ISIS killed 819 regime soldiers and loyalists in 2020, through attacks, bombings, ambushes and clashes, including 108 Iranian-backed militiamen of non-Syrian nationalities.

The group has also lost 507 fighters in the same operations and by airstrikes by Russian and regime and jets.