Al-Raqqah | Turkish forces and their proxies renew shelling on Ain Issa • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Raqqah | Turkish forces and their proxies renew shelling on Ain Issa

Al-Raqqah Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Turkish forces and their proxy factions have renewed ground shelling on positions in Ain Issa countryside in northern Al-Raqqah, targeting the frontlines of Mua’llaq village and Al-Khalediyyah camp. No casualties have been reported so far.


SOHR activists had documented today the injury of a civilian woman and a child due to the Turkish rocket attacks on the SDF-controlled town of Ain Issa in northern Al-Raqqah. Also, fierce clashes erupted between Turkish-backed factions and the SDF on western frontlines of Ain Issa area, north of Raqqah, in an attempt by the factions to advance into the villages of Houshan and Khalidiya, amid intensive Turkish artillery shelling on the conflict zones and “M4” highway, in the north of Raqqah.


Yesterday, Syrian Observatory activists reported that Aleppo-Al-Hasakah international highway (M4) was back in service again, as civilian and commercial convoys escorted by Russian patrols were seen traveling from Ain Issa in northern Al-Raqqah to Tal Tamr in Al-Hasakah countryside. It is worth noting that the highway was opened on December 20, but it was closed again after only one day over the military escalation on the area.

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