The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Al-Hawl mini-state” in 2021| Six people, mostly Iraqis, assassinated in four attacks

Al-Hasakah Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Unknown gunmen opened fire on a Syrian displaced man in the fifth section in Al-Hawl camp in eastern Al-Hasakah, which caused his immediate death.


Accordingly, the number of assassinations in Al-Hawl camp since early 2021 has risen to four, and this attack claimed the lives of six people, mostly Iraqis, as SOHR sources reported yesterday that the Internal Security Forces “Asayish” found the bodies two brothers and a child of Iraqi nationalities in their tent in the second section of the Al-Hawl camp.


Observatory activists had documented the death of an Iraqi refugee working for the Internal Security Forces “Asayish”, after being shot by unknown gunmen in front of his tent in the second section in Al-Hawl camp. While clashes took place between members of “Asayish” and the gunmen who carried out the assassination, where Asayish forces managed to arrest one of the attackers after injuring him.


On January 3, SOHR sources reported that a female refugee of Iraqi nationality was shot dead, while standing in front of her tent in the fifth section of the Al-Hawl camp.