The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A village in al- Sammaq Mountain witnesses tension; the activists accuse a commander in Jabhat al- Nusra and his members of killing dozens of civilians in that village

Idlib Province:

Reliable sources informed SOHR activists that the village of Qalb Loza in al- Sammaq Mountain are witnessing tension since yesterday afternoon on the backdrop of altercations erupted between a commander in Jabhat al- Nusra and his members on one side and the people of the village on the other, amid contradicting information about the reason of this dispute. The altercations developed into shooting in the village. Information reported that dozens of civilians killed in the village where the activists accused the commander and his members of opening fire and killing dozens of civilians.


The helicopters struck al- Khazzanat area near the city of Khan Sheikhoun in south of Idlib with no information about casualties. They also dropped 2 barrels on the city of Ma’arret al- Nu’man killing 2 civilians and wounding others, information reported missing under the rubble.