The regime checkpoints violently attacked in north of Hama • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime checkpoints violently attacked in north of Hama

Hama Province:

The number of raids carried out by the regime warplanes on the town of al- Latamnah in north of Hama has risen to 13, coincided with dropping barrel bombs on areas in the town and on other areas in the villages of Lhaya and Ma’er Kibbi. The warplanes also carried out 2 raids on the two villages of Aydoun and al- Tlol al- Homor in the southern countryside of Hama and a raid on the village of al- Qastal in the eastern countryside.


Violent clashes have erupted between the regime forces and allied militiamen against the rebel and Islamic battalions due to an attack carried out by the battalions’ fighters on several regime positions in north of Hama leading to kill a fighter from the Islamic battalions and information about casualties on the regime forces’ ranks.


The Islamic battalions targeted by a rocket a regime tank in the town of Morek in north of Hama.



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