New Israeli attack | Airstrikes hit Iranian positions nearby Hama, while shrapnel of regime air-defence missiles kills an entire family • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New Israeli attack | Airstrikes hit Iranian positions nearby Hama, while shrapnel of regime air-defence missiles kills an entire family

Syrian Observatory activists have reported that Israeli fighter jets flying over Lebanon struck at least five positions of Iranian-backed militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah nearby Hama city and the Syria’s middle sector. The airstrikes have destroyed all these positions.

On the other hand, shrapnel of missiles fired by regime air-defences in an attempt to intercept the Israeli airstrikes hit the residential neighbourhood of Kazu in the north-western part of Hama city, which killed a family of four, a woman, her husband and two children, and seriously injured an old man, a woman and two other children.

On January 13, reliable SOHR sources confirmed that the number of fatalities rose to at least 57 members, all killed in Israeli airstrikes on positions, weapons warehouses, ammunition and missiles depots affiliated to regime forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah, Iranian forces and their proxy militias, mainly “Fatemiyoun Brigade”, in the area between Deir Ezzor city and the Syria-Iraq border in Al-Bokamal desert.


In Deir Ezzor city, 26 persons were killed in ten strikes by Israeli fighter jets on Ayyash warehouses, Sa’ka camp, the 137th Brigade, the mountain overlooking Deir Ezzor city and other positions on the outskirts of the city, and they were as follows: ten regime soldiers, four members of the “military security” and 12 Iranian-backed militiamen. However, it is not known yet if the fatalities included members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Lebanese Hezbollah or not. The Israeli strikes on Deir Ezzor city destroyed weapons and missiles warehouses and headquarters.


While in Al-Bokamal, 16 Iranian-backed Iraqi militiamen were killed in six Israeli airstrikes on positions, weapons warehouses and ammunition depots in the area of “Al-Hezam”, Al-Jam’iyat neighbourhood and other positions in Al-Bokamal desert. This attack destroyed centres and vehicles.


In Al-Mayadeen, however, 15 Iranian-backed non-Syrian militiamen, including 11 Afghani members of “Fatemiyoun Brigade”, were killed in Israeli strikes on positions and weapons warehouses in Al-Mazari’ area in Al-Mayadeen desert in the eastern countryside of Dear Ezzor. The attack also destroyed weapons warehouses and headquarters.


It is worth noting that this death toll was the largest ever since Israel started its attacks on Syria. Moreover, the recent Israeli attack on Deir Ezzor was the most intensive ever on Syria, while there were no reports about intercepting the Israeli missiles by Syrian regime air-defences. It is also worth noting that Deir Ezzor city, which the attacks targeted, is under the control of Russia.


On April 30, 2018, SOHR sources documented the death of at least 26 members of Iranian and regime forces in Israeli airstrikes, a day earlier,  on the 47th Brigade which is under the control of Iranian and regime forces in the southern countryside of Hama. The fatalities included four Syrian soldiers while the others were of Arab and Asian nationalities, mostly Iranians.


It is worth noting that no jets were seen flying over the region during the attack. In the meantime, the strikes hit warehouses containing surface-to-surface missiles belonging to the Iranian-backed militias, which caused violent explosions in the area and large fires. The attack also left over 60 people injured, some seriously.

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