The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

US- led coalition warplanes kill more civilians rising the number of deaths to 160, including 80 women and children

SOHR has documented the death of 3 civilians in airstrikes carried out by US- led coalition warplanes on Slouk area in north of al- Raqqa yesterday night. The area is witnessing clashes between YPG, backed by rebel battalions, and IS militants as well as airstrikes carried out by the coalition warplanes. Thus, the number of civilians who were killed in the coalition airstrikes on oil areas, where there are oil refineries, oil wells, building and vehicles, in the provinces of al- Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, al- Raqqa, Aleppo and Idlib has risen to 159, including 51 children and 33 women. Among the deaths, there are a family of a man, his wife and their 5 children killed due in US- led coalition airstrikes on the village of Dali Hasan in east of the town of Serrin in northeast of Aleppo and 64 civilians killed by a massacre committed by the U.S led coalition warplanes on Friday’s night in 04/30/2015 when they targeted Bir Mahli village near the town of Serrin in Aleppo with several air strikes, and the death toll of this massacre includes: 
– 31 children under the age of 16 including ( 16 females and 15 males ).
– 19 women above the age of 18.
– 13 men above the age of 18.
– A 18 years old boy.