With demonstrations continuing for third day | Turkish posts' guards open fire on homeowners in western Aleppo countryside • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With demonstrations continuing for third day | Turkish posts’ guards open fire on homeowners in western Aleppo countryside

SOHR sources say that members of the Turkish post guards in the village of Abyan Sam’an fired into the air to disperse the crowd of demonstrators demanding the evacuation of their houses, which they were seized and turned into military posts by the Turkish army and its proxy factions.

In the meantime, the demonstrators assaulted and threw stones at three guards of theTurkish-backed 23rd Division. The guards sustained minor injuries and bruises.

It is worth noting that residents are still demanding the evacuation of their homes for the third day in a row, through demonstrations and sit-ins near Turkish posts.

On January 22, Syrian Observatory activists monitored tens of residents participating in a demonstration in front of Turkish forces’ headquarters in Abbin Sam’an town in the western countryside of Aleppo, demanding the Turkish forces evacuate their houses, nearly a year after Turkish forces have been stationed there. In a video footage, of which the Syrian Observatory obtained a copy, one of the protesters said “we and our children are homeless, while they have been residing in our houses for a year. This is unacceptable. They have to find another alternative.”

On December 23, Reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that soldiers in Turkish posts in Idlib countryside felled olive trees near regime positions in the east of Idlib city in order to use them for heating, as they ran out of their gasoline allocations. Olive trees near some Turkish posts, known as “artillery posts”, overlooking off-roads between Bennish and Taftanaz, and between Binnish and Afes were found broken with using bare hands and saws. However, the Turkish soldiers claimed that they have cut down these trees with the aim to boost and fortify their posts.

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