The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Idlib | Regime soldier killed on frontlines of Idlib countryside, and tense calm prevails “de-escalation zone”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented the killing of a regime soldier, after being sniped by opposition factions on Kadora frontline in Idlib countryside.

The Syrian Observatory has monitored this morning a tense calm prevailing the area of “Putin Erdoğan”, interspersed with several shells in Sahl Al-Ghab in Hama countryside, and Jabal al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside. Meanwhile, regime forces shelled with heavy artillery the villages of Majdaliya and San in eastern Idlib countryside.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the injury of two civilians, as regime forces targeted a civilian car with a guided missile in the village of Tadil in western countryside of Aleppo province. Meanwhile, the factions of “al-Fath al-Mubin” targeted with heavy artillery regime forces’ positions in the village of Ma’rat Moukhis in southern countryside of Idlib.