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After mass demonstrations | “Ghanoumes” accept financial compensation for two young men killed by HTS

Idlib Governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

SOHR sources say that a dinner was held in the town of Jidar Bikafflon, following a reconciliation deal between HTS and the “Ghanoumes”, in the presence of “Abu Mariya al-Qahtani”, the head of the “Salvation Government”, the head of the General Shura Council, the head of the General Board Conciliation and the administration of the Idlib city, the chairman of the Tribal Shura Council and a number of ministers, dignitaries and elders of Idlib city.

According to the sources, the “Ghanoumes” accepted a $75,000 as a financial compensation for the two people killed by HTS earlier.

On January 8, Syrian Observatory activists reported that a meeting was held between representatives of “Al Ghanoum” family and commanders of Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham in order to reach a peace agreement and pay a financial compensation to the family of two young men who were killed by HTS members near Idlib city. The Syrian Observatory has obtained a copy of the agreement between the two sides. However, the sum of money paid to the victims’ family has not been mentioned.

In this context, several women of “Al Ghanoum” family have expressed their rejection of the agreement and called for a demonstration in Idlib city against HTS practices.

This agreement comes nearly two months after the killing of the two young men by militiamen stationed at HTS checkpoint of “Ain Shaib”.

On January 1, Observatory activists monitored a new demonstration staged by relatives of the two young men who were shot dead by members of Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham nearly two months ago in Idlib city. Several residents participated in the demonstration, denouncing the HTS injustice, as the perpetrators were tried. The demonstrators also called for the execution of the perpetrators, at a time when HTS was attempting to absorb the popular anger through offering “financial compensation” for the victims’ relatives and evade executing its affiliated murderers.

According to SOHR sources, HTS members were deployed nearby Al-Sa’a square in Idlib city centre, where they fired bullets in the air when the victims’ relatives started to gather in the square, dispersing demonstrators, amid growing tension between the residents and HTS members until now.

On December 25, SOHR activists monitored the relatives of the two young men, who were shot dead by HTS members in Idlib city a month and a half earlier, staging a demonstration with the participation of sympathizers from the city with the relatives of the two victims. The demonstrators condemned the failure of HTS to hold the killers accountable, despite HTS’ promises after the incident to try them. Syrian Observatory sources said that the relatives of the two young men demanded the execution of the killers while HTS south to pay financial compensation instead.

On November 9, the Syrian Observatory monitored tension in the HTS-controlled city of Idlib following the killing of two young men in the city, while the relatives of the victims accused members of the HTS’ Ain Sheeb checkpoint of shooting and killing the two young men, without any comment on the incident by HTS.

SOHR activists said that two bodies were found on the 30th Street in Idlib city. The victims were shot dead in unknown circumstances, as part of the security chaos in areas held by HTS and opposition factions in Idlib and the surrounding countryside.

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