The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime attacks | Forces renew shelling seven towns and villages in southern Idlib countryside

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored renewed rocket attacks by regime forces on Safohin, Kansafra, Flifel, Al-Fatira, Benin, Al-Ruweiha and Kaddoura in southern countryside of Idlib, and Al-Ankawi in Sahl Al-Ghab, north-west of Hama.

On the other hand, rebels and regime forces exchanged fire with heavy machine guns on frontlines of eastern Idlib countryside. No casualties have been reported.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored ground shelling by rebels on positions of regime forces in Al-Malaja and other villages in Jabal al-Zawiya. While the regime forces shelled places in Al-Fatira, Kansafra, Safohin, Fleifel, Benin and Ruwayha in the southern countryside of Idlib, but no casualties were reported to date.