Torture victims | Two young men from Deir Ezzor and Ariha die in regime prisons • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Torture victims | Two young men from Deir Ezzor and Ariha die in regime prisons

Syrian Observatory activists have documented the death of a young man from Ariha city in Idlib countryside under torture in regime prisons, after detention for nearly eight years.


Another young man from Al-Raz village in Deir Ezzor countryside was also died due to his poor health condition and medical malpractice. It is worth noting that the victim was arrested seven years ago.


As more people perish in detentions, the number of civilians who have died under torture in regime’s prisons since the beginning of the Syrian revolution rose to 16,238 fatalities, all documented by names: 16,049 men and young men, 125 children under the age of eighteen, and 64 women over the age of eighteen.


Reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that the number of people killed, executed and/or died in regime prisons exceeded 104,000 people. Over 83% of the total death toll were killed and/or died in these prisons between May 2013 and October 2015. SOHR sources have also confirmed that more than 30,000 detainees were killed in the notorious prison of Sednaya alone, while the second largest percentage of killing occurred in the Air Force Intelligence detention facilities or prisons.

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