The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Israeli strikes | Posts of Lebanese Hezbollah among military positions come under Israeli attacks in Al-Quneitra countryside

Syrian Observatory activists have confirmed that the recent Israeli bombardment has targeted several military positions, including farms where militias affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah and the “Syrian Resistance for the Liberation of the Golan” are located. Meanwhile, SOHR sources reported hearing several explosions in military posts of the regime’s Brigade-90 Tanks, where Iranian-backed militias are located, in Al-Habbariyah area in Al-Quneitra near the administrative border with Daraa, amid reports of destruction of these posts However, no casualties have been reported so far.


SOHR sources have just reported hearing several explosions in Al-Quneitra countryside caused by new Israeli bombardment on a military position of regime forces and Iranian-baked militias, along with attempts by regime air-defences to intercept the Israeli missiles.


On January 22, Observatory activists reported that Israeli fighter jets flying over Lebanon struck at least five positions of Iranian-backed militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah nearby Hama city and the Syria’s middle sector. The airstrikes destroyed all these positions.


On the other hand, shrapnel of missiles fired by regime air-defences in an attempt to intercept the Israeli airstrikes hit the residential neighbourhood of Kazu in the north-western part of Hama city, which killed a family of four, a woman, her husband and two children, and seriously injured an old man, a woman and two other children.