The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS executes a warehouse official in al-Islam army

Reef Dimashq province: IS executed a man with a knife then beheaded him, after clothing him in orange, it said that he was the manager of al-Islami army warehouses in the eastern Qalamoun. Regime forces bombarded areas between Zakia and  Khan al-Shekh and opened heavy machine gun fire on areas of al-Keswa farms. Warplanes raided Bait Jen, no reports of losses. Shells fell on Dahya al-Assad. IS detained a man for being a member in an Islamic battalion and seized his ammo. Reports that al-Islam army executed the leader of al-Wafaa army which is allied to the regime after detaining him for 20 days. The regime is still detaining the Dr. Hussain Nour and the Lawyer Nabil al-Daw.