The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Coronavirus in regime-held areas | Syrian provinces record 36,000 new confirmed cases, nearly 1,350 deaths, and misinformation continues by authorities

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights continues monitoring and tracking the spread of the coronavirus in the Syrian provinces in the areas controlled by the Syrian regime.

Reliable medical sources in the Syrian regime-held areas have told the Syrian Observatory that 36,000 new confirmed coronavirus cases were recorded in the last few days, while 1,335 new deaths were recorded in the same period.

Meanwhile, regime authorities continue misinformation and keeping the real number of deaths and infection cases with coronavirus secret, by announcing only tens of infections and deaths on a daily basis. Moreover, large number of deaths are claimed to be caused by pneumonia, despite the broad outbreak of the virus throughout Syria.

According to SOHR latest statistics, based on reports obtained from reliable medical sources on the ground in regime-controlled areas, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has reached 277,800, of which over 99,000 were recovered, and 13,610  died.

It is worth noting that regime Ministry of Health’ official statistics announced 14,267 infections, of whom 938 people died and 7,892 recovered.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented the death of 172 doctors in the Syrian regime-held areas due to the coronavirus in 2020, and were documented by name.