Economy | As "We Can Rebuild It Together" promotional campaign launched, Syrian pound hits new record low • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Economy | As “We Can Rebuild It Together” promotional campaign launched, Syrian pound hits new record low

As the Syrian pound keeps plummeting, it hit a new record low today against foreign currency as follows:


  • In Damascus: the selling rate is 3,200 SYP and the buying rate is 3,170 SYP against the dollar, while 3,856 SYP for selling and 3,815 SYP for buying against the euro.


  • In Idlib and Aleppo countryside: 454 SYP for selling and 448 SYP for buying against Turkish lira.


On the other hand, the price of one gram of 21 carat gold has reached 163,000 SYP per gram in Damascus.


On the other hand, SOHR sources have reported that the residents are still forced to wait in long queues in front of bread bakeries in order to get their bread allocations, in the wake of shrinking flour and fuel allocations provided by regime government to bread bakeries.


The ongoing currency plunge, economic hardship and worsening living conditions in regime-held areas coincide with launching a campaign dubbed “We Can Rebuild It Together” by the regime security services with the aim of promoting the Syrian regime’s president, Bashar Al-Assad, who will “ironically” contest the presidential election supposed to be held in 2022.


In late January, Observatory activists in Al-Suwaidaa city monitored young people drawing anti-regime graffiti, expressing their rejection of the incoming presidential election and the Iranian presence in Syria.


According to SOHR sources, activists of Al-Suwaidaa city sought to widen the anti-regime graffiti in most of the city’s neighbourhoods in order to express their dissatisfaction and anger against the deteriorating economic hardship and prevalence of poverty in Syria because of the policy of the Syrian regime’s present and his support to corruption.