ISIS resurgence | Body of Iraqi refugee found in Al-Hawl camp • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

ISIS resurgence | Body of Iraqi refugee found in Al-Hawl camp

Al-Hasakeh Governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

SOHR sources say that Internal Security forces found the body of an Iraqi refugee in the first part of Al-Hawl camp in Al-Hasakeh countryside, killed by unidentified gunmen with several gunshot to the head, chest and abdomen. 

This comes in light of ISIS cells’ activities inside the camp.

Yesterday evening, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a new killing in al-Hawl camp, south-east of al-Hasakeh, , which is witnessing an increasing security chaos, where the body of a young man from Aleppo province was found, after being shot dead in the fifth section in Al-Hawl camp.

On February 5, SOHR activists have documented a new assassination in Al-Hawl camp in the far eastern Al-Hasakah region, as the body of an Iraqi refugee was found with five gunshot wounds in the camp’s 1st section. It is worth noting that the victim worked as an “informant” for the Internal Security Forces (Asayish). This incident coincides with the escalating security chaos in “Al-Hawl mini-state”.

On February 2, SOHR sources documented another murder in Al-Hawl camp, as a beheaded body of a member of Asayish Forces was found with gunshot wounds in the head in the 5th section of the camp.

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