The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Checkpoint of “military security service” in Al-Qamishli | Levies imposed on civilians, while Coalition convoys and Asayish vehicles never blocked

Al-Hasakah Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Reliable sources have informed SOHR that the checkpoint of the regime’s “military security service”, which is in a strategic location dividing Al-Qamishli city into two parts, near a junction linking the security zone and the former French barracks to the northern belt and Nusaybin crossing on the Syria-Turkey border, imposes levies on all commercial trucks both coming from Kurdistan Region of Iraq to areas under the control of the Autonomous Administration and those commercial convoys which travel among the Autonomous Administration’s areas passing through this checkpoint.


According to SOHR sources the members stationed at the checkpoint impose 200,000 to 500,000 SYL on each commercial truck, so that it could pass the crossing. On the other hand, the crossing does not block any truck affiliated to the International Coalition coming from Kurdistan Region of Iraq to Coalition bases in north-eastern Syria region. The crossing also never block the vehicles of the Internal Security Forces (Asayish).

“SOHR camera” captures the checkpoint of the “military security service” linking the security zone in Al-Qamishli and the former French barracks in the northern belt to Nusaybin crossing which impose levies on commercial trucks but allow the International Coalition convoys and Asayish vehicles to pass for free[0]=AZX8963LW2rnP0tUiFcNO8OJuU9ZcVwM-YSc-rggzWTM4VybO2jy8q430eZgu2MB6Rc_xEjJeIJHdRPBNNILSeC1XCf4VNoH6yMx526FoXp1qbOAA_S_Hv0sh0nZUwGBpqMNHD0463-GsKWSNAX2pIfy&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R