The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Jabal Al-Zawiyah | Woman dies of wounds sustained in regime rocket fire

SOHR activists have documented the death of a woman affected by the injury she had last night in regime rocket attacks on positions in Al-Bara town in the southern countryside of Idlib. On the other hand, regime forces shelled, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, positions in Al-Fterah, Sfuhen, Kansafra, Fulayfel, Al-Ruwayha and Bayanin in southern Idlib and Al-Ankawi in Sahl Al-Ghab in north-western Hama.


Yesterday, Syrian Observatory activists reported rocket attacks by regime forces on al-Bara town in rural Idlib, injuring several civilians in the town.


Regime forces also targeted with several shells the perimeter of the town of Taqad in Aleppo countryside, and renewed their ground bombardment on positions in Sahl Al-Ghab, Sermaniyah and Dweir al-Akrad in the north-western countryside of Hama, as well as frontlines of Jabal al-Akrad in the northern countryside of Latakia.