The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The city of al- Qamishli witnesses tension between YPG and the regime forces

Al-Hasakah Province:

Al-Hasakah city is still witnessing tensions between the regime forces and NDF loyal to them on one side and YPG and Asayish on the other after the clashes that erupted yesterday due to the mutual arrest that took place when the regime forces, which were escorting the Syrian prime minister in his visit to the city of al- Qamishli, arrested 6 members of the YPG  which replayed by arresting several member from the regime forces and NDF, including a colonel and an NDF commander, leading to clashes in which YPG and Asayish took control over the department of transportation, Old Military Security, municipality  garage, the train station which the NDF took as a headquarter and al-Basel roundabout. The tension are still taking place between the two sides after the continuation of YPG to seize the prison of Alaya in al-Qameshly city , information about injuries on both sides, while other information confirm mutual prisoners exchange.