The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS executes 5 men in al- Hasakah and Hama, while the warplanes attack areas in both provinces

Al- Hasakah Province:

IS executed 4 men for “spying on the Islamic State centers”  in the south of al- Hasakah, where they shot them in front of the public after dressing them “orange clothes”.


The warplanes struck IS positions in the south of al- Hasakah with no information about victims.


Hama Province:

IS executed a young man in its held areas in the east of Hama for “throwing microchips for the crusader coalition and Nusayri regime warplanes”. IS said that he “confessed” after being arrested, and that “the Islamic Court” sentenced him to death for being “infidel”, where they shot him in front of dozens of IS militants after dressing him “orange clothes”.


The helicopters dropped a barrel bomb on an areas on the road linking the village of Lahaya with the town of Ma’er Kebbah. They also dropped more barrel on the towns of Ma’er Kebbah, Kafar Zita and al- Latamnah with no information about victims so far. The warplanes carried out 2 raids on the village of al- Qastal and al- Ba;’as Mountain in the township of Aqayrabat in the east of Hama.