The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Hours after withdrawal | The Russians return to Ain Issa base, amid popular anger over “Russia’s extortion against SDF”

Reliable sources in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah have informed the Syrian Observatory that the Russian forces which had withdrawn yesterday from Ain Issa base, returned this morning. Eight Russian armoured vehicles were seen arriving in the base where the Russian flag has been raised again. However, no information has been reported about the gains the Russians have achieved and made them return so fast, as it is common knowledge that Russia “extorts” SDF through repeated threats of withdrawal from Ain Issa. Such practices have ignited anger and discontent of the area’s residents who fear of a possible military operation by Turkey.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that the withdrawal of Russian forces from the bases of Ain Issa in Al-Raqqah countryside, and al-Mabaqir in Al-Hasakah countryside, came to exert pressure on SDF after rejecting the demands of the Russian forces and regime forces, including handing over the villages of Al-Ma’alaq, Jahbel, Jabel, Sayda, Al-Mushirfeh and Ain Issa camp near “M4” raod in Ain Issa countryside to the Turkish forces. Therefore, the road between Ain al-Arab in eastern Aleppo countryside and Ain Issa countryside in rural Raqqa would be cut off.


Also, handing over wheat stored in Shirakrak silos to regime forces, where thousands of tons of wheat and barley crops are stored.


In addition, handing over several villages in Ain Issa countryside to regime forces and withdrawal of SDF from them.


According to SOHR sources, SDF rejected these demands, while Russian forces withdrew to force SDF to agree on their demands.


The Syrian Observatory monitored the withdrawal of Russian forces and the retention of guards for al-Mabaqir base in Tal Tamer countryside in al-Hasakeh province.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had monitored in the afternoon a sudden withdrawal of Russian forces from their base in Ain Issa, after lowering the Russian flags, where the withdrawing forces moved to the base of Tal Al-Samin in rural Raqqa, without knowing the reasons. Meanwhile, SDF members of relations were still stationed in the military base.


According to SOHR sources, four broken down Russian vehicles were transported to al-Qamishli in the morning, and Russian forces packed their equipment, gathered all the members and guards of the post and sent them into the base, pretending to withdraw from the military base in order to exert pressure on SDF, in the wake of the SDF rejection of Russia’s demands to stop responding to Turkish ground shelling in the area. In addition, the Russians were not content with the U.S. movement with SDF in the Tel Tamer area, and the recent U.S. preparations for the establishment of a military base in Ain Dewar area in al-Hasakah countryside.