The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

For over three weeks | Russians still search for the remains of Israeli soldiers and spy-agent Eli Cohen in southern Damascus, while Syrian regime turns a blind eye

More than three weeks have passed since the Russian forces started to search for the remains of two Israeli soldiers and prominent Israeli spy, Elie Cohen, in south of the capital Damascus. The Russians continue excavating graves and exhuming bodies in al-Yarmouk camp in search of the remains of the Israelis who were killed decades ago and buried in the area. And the assumption was that the Russian side would reach results and conclude the mission after three weeks of excavations and conducting DNA analyses of the remains exhumed from these graves, which sparked public anger in the region, as the Russians desecrated the dead with such operations. The Syrian regime and authorities remained silent on the issue throughout.

This comes in light of the Russian sponsored “deal” between Israel and Syria a few days ago, and the suggestions and that normalization of ties with Israel would follow next, as the famous Syrian actor who is close to the regime Duraid Lahham said that he had no objection to normalization under certain conditions.

On January 19, SOHR sources reported that a meeting between the Russians and regime officials in Moscow and Damascus was held, and the normalization of ties was discussed between the two sides. Regime representatives weight up the offer and what their regime would get in return, and whether normalisation would lead to the lifting of U.S. sanctions on Syria.

Normalisation with Israel will undoubtedly lead to the removal of Iran from Syria, despite the frequent reports of suggesting that Iran had been removed from Syria and Syria would avoid Israeli attacks by expelling Iran, particularly dealing with the issue continuously at the Hamimim base between Russian officers and regime officers supported by the Russians, the Iranians still enjoy considerable power inside Syrian territory.