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Fuel crises | As Turkish lira plummets, fuel companies in Idlib raises prices

SOHR sources have reported that the companies of importing fuel in north-west Syria have raised fuel prices by ten Turkish piasters for fuel and one and half Turkish liras for a gas cylinder. This development comes a few hours after the Turkish currency plunge against foreign currency, as the Turkish lira against the US dollar recorded, yesterday, 7.15 TL.


It is worth noting that the value of the Turkish lira had increased a few days earlier. However, fuel prices was not commensurately reduced.


The new prices of fuel in Idlib were set today as follows:


  • Imported petrol: 4.87 Turkish lira per litre


  • Imported oil: 5.10 Turkish lira per litre


  • A gas cylinder: 75 Turkish lira.


In early February, SOHR sources reported that “Watad” company reduced fuel prices in light of the adoption of the Turkish lira in the areas held by HTS and the factions in Idlib province and surrounding countryside, and as Turkish lira’s value increased against other currencies, reliable sources have informed SOHR that.


The petroleum company set the new prices of fuel as follows:


  • The price of gasoline reduced from 4.85 to 4.72 TL.


  • The price of imported diesel reduced from 5.06 to 4.92 TL.


  • The price of refined diesel reached from 3.82 to 3.72 TL.


  • The price of gas cylinder reduced from 78 to 76 TL.