The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Syrian desert | Russian fighter jets execute over 250 airstrikes, killing nearly 35 ISIS members

SOHR sources say that Russian jets continue to fly over the Syrian desert, executing intensive airstrikes on ISIS positions, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored Russian fighter jets executing more than 250 airstrikes in the last 48 hours, during which they targeted al-Shula desert and other areas in Deir ez-Zor province and frontlines within the Aleppo-Hama-Raqqah triangle, and other areas in Raqqa within eastern Homs desert.

The intensive airstrikes have killed more ISIS members, bringing the death toll of the group in the last 48 hours to at least 34 members. This comes as part of the intensive Russian airstrikes, which target the group.

This brings the death toll of ISIS to about 30 members killed in Russian airstrikes in the last 48 hours, where the Syrian Observatory has documented the deaths of ten ISIS members in Russian airstrikes yesterday on the eastern Hama and Deir ez-Zor deserts.

Since 24th of March 2019, SOHR has documented the killing of at least 1,353 regime soldiers and loyalists of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, including at least two Russians, and 145 Iranian-backed militiamen of non-Syrian nationalities. All were killed in attacks, bombings and ambushes by the “Islamic State”, west of Euphrates in the deserts of Deir Ezzor, Homs, and Al-Suwaidaa.

Also, four civilians working in gas fields, 11 shepherds and four other people were killed and documented by SOHR in the same period, from late March 2019 until today. They were killed in attacks by ISIS cells. While 798 ISIS members were also killed in attacks and bombardment in the same period.