Homs | Woman found dead in Bab Hood neighbourhood • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Homs | Woman found dead in Bab Hood neighbourhood

Syrian Observatory activists have reported that a civilian woman from hama was found dead in hear house in Al-Maytam street in Bab Hood neighbourhood in the regime-controlled city of Homs. The woman’s body was taken to Al-Basel hospital in Karam Allouz neighbourhood. However, it is not known yet if the woman was killed or died of natural causes.


On January 16, a young man from Deir Atiyyah town in Rif Dimashq was shot dead by unknown gunmen in Homs city. According to SOHR sources, the body of the young man was found with gunshot wounds at head, a few days after he headed to Homs city in a visit to trade. The victim’s family had informed the security services that they lost contact with the young man, before the family was told that he was found dead and dumped in an abandoned house in “Al-Naziheen” neighbourhood in Homs city.

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