The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Excavation work in Afrin | Turkish-backed factions continue digging near the “Roman amphitheatre” in Nebi Huri fortress in Sharran district

Aleppo Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Reliable sources have informed SOHR that military groups of the Turkish-backed factions returned excavation work in the surrounding areas of the “Roman amphitheatre” near Nebi Huri fortress in Sharran district in Afrin countryside, north-west Aleppo.


According to SOHR sources, Turkish-backed militiamen have used heavy diggers and earth-moving machineries for digging and excavating the surrounding areas of the “Roman amphitheatre”, searching for antiques and artefacts. It is worth noting that such operations are carried out in full view of the Turkish forces.


The area of Nebi Huri has experienced repeated excavation work by all Turkish-backed factions, searching for buried artifacts and antiquities.


On November 11, 2019, SOHR documented systematic looting of Afrin’s antiquities, as reliable sources confirmed that the Turkish-backed factions allowed excavators in the city to dig for relics and antiques in return for large sums of money. SOHR sources also reported that antiquities and artifacts were stolen from the archaeological site of Nebi Huri known as “Hagioupolis” or “Khoros” which date back  to 280 B.C. (Hellenistic era). Moreover, the excavators used earth-moving machineries and heavy-duty diggers for excavating and advanced technological devices to locate artifacts. “The excavators found mosaics smuggled later to Turkey, via dealers, with the help of forces and factions controlling that region,” SOHR sources added.