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To follow up on the situation | Meeting held between Internal Security Forces and dignitaries of Raqqa

SOHR activists say that a meeting was held between the Internal Security Forces of Raqqa, its offices and departments, the Raqqa Military Council, and the sheikhs and elders of Raqqa.

During the meeting, the current situation in the city of Raqqa and the new life were discussed, which was characterized by the rebirth of a people after the horrors of war and terrorism represented by the Islamic State during its reign and oppression in the region.

There was also talk of the recent negative manifestations among young people, such as drugs, violence and non-compliance with laws by some, which considered to be a new war waged by some parties hostile to the morality and values of society.

The spokesman for the internal security forces in Raqqa, stressed the need to promote ethics and instill the good values among the family and society that protect all groups of society, and the need for the rule of law that protects and civilians and the security institution in all its branches, so no one would dare to violate the standards of society, tribe, clan and family.

Some of the elders and sheikhs of the Al-Raqqah tribes spoke on several points, most notably the issue of guarantees and regulating complaints to the Internal Committee and Internal Security Forces, and other topics were discussed.

The meeting announced a set of outputs, including the issuance of a circular on traffic safety, putting a fine and detention for violators of the traffic safety law, the introduction of a law punishing those who obstruct the work of the Internal Security Forces while doing their duties, and the presentation to the public prosecutor and severely penalize violators.

Also, punishing anyone who would attack the members of the Internal Security Forces and their branches and offices while working and implementing the sanctions, and punish any member of the Internal Security Forces, in case of attacks on civilians.

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