Escorted by helicopter | Russian troops conduct military patrol in al-Hasakeh countryside • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Escorted by helicopter | Russian troops conduct military patrol in al-Hasakeh countryside

Al-Hasakeh Governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored Russian forces conducting a patrol of in al-Qamishli countryside. The patrol toured the villages of Kardamiya, Hab al-Hawa, Barha Beit and Ain Dewar, adjacent to the border with Turkey. The patrol consists of five armoured vehicles and four helicopters.

A similar patrol also toured the areas of al-Qamishli, al-Darbasiya and Abu Racine to Tel Tamer in al-Hasakeh countryside.

On February 25, SOHR sources reported that Russian and Turkish forces run, this morning, a new joint patrol escorted by Russian helicopters in Al-Hasakah countryside. A patrol of five Russian vehicles and four other Turkish set off from Sherik area and toured the villages of Zahr Al-Arab, Kasra, Qayrawan, Tel Dahela, Kokond, Hajoughli, Otayshan, Qunaitarah and Qarmaniyah in the west of Al-Darbasiyah city in Al-Hasakah countryside, before the patrol returned again to the stating point.

On February 18, SOHR reported that Russian forces and their Turkish counterpart conducted a new joint patrol in Al-Hasakah countryside. The patrol set off from the furthest areas held by SDF and the Syrian regime after the village of Al-Assadiya in Abu Racine countryside. The patrol, which consisted of three Russian vehicles and three other Turkish ones, would roam areas controlled by Ankara-backed factions in Ras al-Ain countryside (Sere Kaniye) to the city. No information were reported whether the patrol would enter Ras al-Ain.

It is worth noting that this patrol was the first of its kind since Turkey took control of the “Spring of Peace” areas in October 2019.

While on February 11, the Syrian Observatory monitored Russian forces and their Turkish counterparts, conducting a joint patrol from al-Derbasiya countryside to Amuda countryside near the Syrian-Turkish border.

Five Russian and four Turkish armoured vehicles set off from the village of Sherik, west of al-Derbasiya, and roamed villages and towns of Dalil, Quneitra and Sheikh Mansour, east of al-Derbasiya, Tal Kdeesh, Ghannamiya and Karbatli, south of al-Derbasiya. The patrol then headed to the villages and towns of Tal Tairi, Jadida, Baba Mahmoud, Tal Karma, Abu, Jaradi, Khasek, Medura and Khanki in the countryside of Amuda, coinciding with the flight of two Russian helicopters over the areas that the joint patrol passed.

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