Woman murdered on International Women's Day | Body found in Al-Raqqah city • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Woman murdered on International Women’s Day | Body found in Al-Raqqah city

Al-Raqqah Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: A civilian woman was found dead yesterday, after being suffocated by unknown individuals in her house near the “juvenile prison” in Al-Raqqah city which is under the control of the International Coalition and Syria Democratic Forces.


According to SOHR sources, the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) have arrested the family of the victim amid accusations against the husband of “killing the woman”, while investigations are still underway.


On February 21, : SOHR activists monitored a demonstration in Al-Raqqah city, which is under the control of Syria Democratic Forces and the International Coalition and the former de-facto capital of ISIS in Syria, during which the city’s residents demanded the execution of the murderers of the little girl “Shahd Al-Haj”. The demonstrators headed to the girl’s house then they toured the streets of Al-Raqqah city, lifting placards with slogans on them read “where are the children’s rights?! We trust our judicial authorities…For which guilt was Shahd killed?! No to violent against children…We demand the execution of the murderers of Shahd”.


This development comes after SDF have managed to arrest the murderers of Shahd Al-Haj who was found dead, on February 18, in a bag near her house in a neighbourhood in Al-Raqqah city, a few days after being kidnapped, according to SOHR sources.

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