In one day | Nearly 40 Russian jets pound Syrian desert with more than 130 airstrikes • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In one day | Nearly 40 Russian jets pound Syrian desert with more than 130 airstrikes

SOHR sources say that Russian jets have executed dozens of airstrikes on areas in the Syrian desert, where five Russian fighter jets launched the first round of airstrikes, while during the day about 40 Russian fighter jets executed more than 130 airstrikes, but no casualties have been reported so far.

Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that Russian fighter jets continued their efforts to put an end to ISIS activities and operations through tens of daily intensive airstrikes, especially since ground operations have failed to do so. In this context, SOHR activists have documented nearly 190 airstrikes by Russian jets in the past 72 hours, in which they targeted caves and bunkers where ISIS members holed up, as well as off-roads and vehicles. The Russian airstrikes aim to paralyze ISIS and target its backlines as well as inflecting the heaviest human and material losses on its ranks. In the past three days, the Russian airstrikes have killed 31 ISIS members and destroyed several vehicles, caves and bunkers.

On the first day, Russian jets executed 60 airstrikes on east Hama desert, the surrounding areas of Al-Rahjan Athariyah, Aleppo-Al-Raqqah-Hama triangle, Palmyra desert in the eastern countryside of Homs, killing 11 ISIS members.

On the second day, 12 ISIS members were killed in over 85 airstrikes which targeted Al-Sukhnah desert, the administrative borders between Deir Ezzor and Homs and the surrounding areas of Atheriyah.

While in the past 24 hours, the Russian jets killed eight ISIS members after targeting Jabal Al-Bishri area and its surroundings near the administrative border between Deir Ezzor and Al-Raqqah, Aleppo-Al-Raqqah-Hama triangle and Al-Sukhnah desert with 45 airstrikes.

SOHR would like to point out that the number of fatalities among ISIS may be larger, as the airstrikes hit several caves and bunkers where ISIS members holed up, so SOHR activists have not managed to verify the number of casualties caused by these attacks.

Since 24th of March 2019, SOHR has documented the killing of at least 1,354 regime soldiers and loyalists of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, including at least two Russians, and 145 Iranian-backed militiamen of non-Syrian nationalities. All were killed in attacks, bombings and ambushes by the “Islamic State”, west of Euphrates in the deserts of Deir Ezzor, Homs, and Al-Suwaidaa.

Also, four civilians working in gas fields, 11 shepherds and four other people were killed and documented by SOHR in the same period, from late March 2019 until today. They were killed in attacks by ISIS cells. While 829 ISIS members were also killed in attacks and bombardment in the same period.