Aleppo mass demonstrations | Residents commemorate the tenth anniversary of the "Syrian Revolution" in western countryside • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Aleppo mass demonstrations | Residents commemorate the tenth anniversary of the “Syrian Revolution” in western countryside

SOHR sources have monitored a mass demonstration in Atareb city in the western countryside of Aleppo on the tenth anniversary of the “Syrian Revolution”. The city’s residents and displaced people called of the toppling and prosecution of the Syrian regime, lifting placards with anti-regime slogans, as well as other slogans supporting the “Syrian Revolution” and glorifying the sacrifices of revolutionaries and detainees held in regime prisons.


On March 11, SOHR sources monitored a demonstration on the road of Idlib- Saraqeb in Idlib province, held by displaced people who were forced to flee due to the military operations of the Syrian regime and its Russian ally. The demonstrators demanded return to their areas, and the overthrow of the regime of Bashar al-Assad in addition to the implementation of international resolution 2254.


It is worth noting that Idlib witnesses weekly anti-regime demonstrations, which demand its overthrow.


Syrian Observatory activists had monitored hundreds of residents and displaced people demonstrating in “Al-Saba’ Bahrat” square in Idlib city centre. During the demonstration, dubbed “No legitimacy for Al-Assad or his elections”, the protesters chanted slogans, confirming adherence the principles of the “Syrian Revolution”. The demonstrators also called for the toppling of the Syrian regime and overthrow of the “National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces” which they accused it of “seeking after its own interests at the expense of the Syrian people”, as they descried.

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