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Israeli attack | Missiles hit military positions of regime forces and Iranian militias in southern Damascus

SOHR activists have reported hearing loud explosions in the surrounding areas of Damascus, caused by Israeli airstrikes which targeted two weapons warehouses of Iranian forces in regime military positions, a few kilometres away from Damascus international airport. Meanwhile, regime air-defences fired several missiles, attempting to intercept the Israeli missiles, but no casualties have been reported so far.


On February 28, SOHR sources reported that Israeli missiles hit the surrounding areas of Sayeda Zeinab in south of the capital, Damascus, which is a major stronghold of the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps” and the Lebanese Hezbollah. However, no further details were reported about the number of casualties and material damage caused by the recent attacks.


SOHR sources had reported violent explosions rocking the capital, Damascus, caused by attempts by regime air defences to intercept the Israeli missiles.


While on February 15, SOHR sources monitored a spike in the death toll of the Israeli attack on Syrian territory, where nine pro-Iranian militiamen were killed in Israeli airstrikes on positions and warehouses, west and south-west of the capital, Damascus, who were killed by shelling which targeted the area of Al-Kiswa, and seven were killed by shelling that hit Iranian rocket depots within the headquarters of the 4th Division in the mountains around Damascus-Beirut road, known as “old Beirut road”.


The dead were all of non-Syrian and non-Arab nationalities, and it was not known whether they were Afghans, Pakistanis or Iranians, as these militias were substantially deployed in the area near the Lebanese border.


Syrian Observatory sources reported that the Israeli bombardment also destroyed sophisticated missile depots that Iran had recently transferred to the headquarters of the 4th Division on the Damascus-Beirut road.


SORH sources had reported in the morning that Israeli rockets hit, in the early hours of the morning, headquarters of the 4th Division in the mountains surrounding Damascus-Beirut road, known as “old Beirut road”, where weapons missiles’ depots belonging to the Iranians and loyal militias are present.


The Syrian regime’s First Division and its surrounding area were also targeted in Al-Kiswa area, in addition to other locations west and south-west of the capital Damascus. Israeli shelling lasted for about half an hour from approximately 1.15 a.m. Damascus time.


Meanwhile, the regime’s air defenses intercepted a number of missiles, but some of them reached their targets, leaving material losses as missile depots and weapons were destroyed in these areas, in addition to human losses. Six people of non-Syrian nationalities were killed, four of whom were killed in airstrikes on warehouses on Beirut’s old road, while two were killed in airstrikes on the First Division and its surroundings.


On February 3, Syrian Observatory activists confirmed that the recent Israeli bombardment targeted several military positions, including farms where militias affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah and the “Syrian Resistance for the Liberation of the Golan” are located. Meanwhile, SOHR sources reported hearing several explosions in military posts of the regime’s Brigade-90 Tanks, where Iranian-backed militias are located, in Al-Habbariyah area in Al-Quneitra near the administrative border with Daraa, amid reports of destruction of these posts.

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