Some factions establish "al- Fateh Army" in the south of Syria • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Some factions establish “al- Fateh Army” in the south of Syria


SHOR received a copy of a footage shows a speaker announcing “establishment of al- Fateh Army in the south” which includes some Islamic factions such as “the Islamic movement of Ahrar ak- Sham and Jabhat al- Nusra (al- Qaeda wing in Levant)”. The statement have declared that “ Syria needs the unify of the mujahideen ranks very much because our country has experienced internal and external challenges that the people of al- Sham have no ability to bear this burden due to the conflict and disunion. Therefore, the faithful mujahedeen must to do their best to unify their ranks. As a response to Allah’s orders, to support the weak and in the belief that the unite of military efforts and ranks for the way of Allah is the most important need we congratulate the Islamic Ummah on Ramadan, and we promise out people in the south of establishing al- Fateh Army that includes Ahrar al- Sham Movement, Jabhat al- Nusra, Fath al-Sham Coalition, Ihyaa al- Jihad Brigade, Mujhedi Nawa Gathering, Asoud al- Tahid Brigade, Ansar al- Haqa Brigade and the Islamic brigade of al- Omarein.


“This army is going to be as spearhead in repelling the oppressive enemy, helping the weak and releasing the female and male detainees from the jails of criminal tyrants. We call upon all the free and faithful mujahideen to join their brothers”, the speaker concluded the statement.