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Rising prices | Turkish lira’s fluctuations cause new crisis in Idlib and countryside

The Turkish lira’s value hit a new record low against the U.S. dollar in the last two days, the exchange rate, however, improved several hours later, where the exchange rate reached more than 8 liras against the US dollar, causing a new crisis in the prices of basic commodities in the north of Syria, especially fuel prices.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a rise in the prices of fuel, where the HTS’ affiliated petroleum company “Watad”, which monopolizes the fuel in the north of Syria, has set a new bulletin for the fuel prices after the Turkish lira plummet as follows:

  • Diesel increased from 5 to 5.50 TL per litre.
  • Gasoline increased from 5.50 to 5.80 TL.
  • Gas cylinder increased from 78 to 84 TL.

These new prices came just two days after the company reduced the prices of fuel.

Syrian Observatory sources have confirmed that the prices of basic commodities have also increased, including vegetables, fruits, meat and others due to the Turkish lira’s plummet against the U.S. dollar, causing a crisis for the residents of Idlib areas and its countryside completely, especially as Ramadan approaches.

SOHR sources added that most of the shop owners of all kinds in the north of Syria sell the prices of their goods according to the new exchange rate of Turkish or Syrian lira, although they got their goods at the old prices

Some owners of fuel stations also stopped selling until the next morning, as they know that the prices will rise.

This was also confirmed by a displaced person in the camp of the town of “Armanaz”, north-west of Idlib, in his testimony to SOHR, as he went on Sunday evening to buy diesel for his car, but the shipowner refused to sell it saying that they do not have diesel, and told him to return the next day. After the fuel prices went up he has given up using his car due to the fuel high prices.

He added “Foodstuffs have also increased, especially vegetables, bread and meat, for example the price of one liter of vegetable oil has reached 12 Turkish lira, yogurt reached 6 Turkish liras, bread pack 3 liras, lamb 53 lira per kilo, and Egyptian rice reached 9 liras, causing great discontent among the people in the camps, whose inhabitants are mainly suffering from difficult living conditions, and almost a lack of support from humanitarian organizations operating there.

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