The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After Russia’s mediation | Turkish forces hand over seven bodies of SDF fighters killed in earlier infiltration operation in Ain Issa

Al-Raqqah Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Reliable SOHR sources say that Turkish forces have handed over seven bodies of fighters of the SDF-backed “Al-Raqqah Military Council”, who were killed three days ago in infiltration operation on Ain Issa frontlines by the Turkish-backed faction of “Suleiman Shah”, headed by Mohamed Al-Jasim “Abu Amshah”. On that day, a group of “Suleiman Shah” sneaked at night into Debes village, nearly four kilometres away from Ain Issa town in northern Al-Raqqah, with the help of agents of “Al-Raqqah Military Council”, where the group killed eight members of “Al-Raqqah Military Council”, dragged the bodies of seven fatalities and seized their weapons.


According to SOHR sources, SDF allowed the Turkish-backed factions to retrieve the bodies of some of affiliated fighters who were killed in earlier clashes on Ain Issa frontlines.