Turkish-backed factions' violations in Afrin | "Al-Hamzah Division" arrests two civilians for unknown reasons • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish-backed factions’ violations in Afrin | “Al-Hamzah Division” arrests two civilians for unknown reasons

Aleppo Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: As factions operating under the banner of the Turkish-backed “National Army” continue their violations against the residents in Afrin, including arbitrary arrests, SOHR activists have confirmed that the Turkish-backed “Al-Hamzah Division” has arrested a civilian from Raju district while heading to Afrin city, as well as arresting another civilian from Qarrah Kol village in the same district for unknown reasons.


On March 26, SOHR activists said that members of a checkpoint belonging to the Turkish-backed the Islamic “Al-Sham Corps” on Al-Ghzawiya road in rural Afrin, north-west of Aleppo, took a young man from the town of Meles in Idlib countryside out of his car, while passing through the checkpoint, and took him to the woods opposite the checkpoint, and  robbed his money after humiliating him. The members of the checkpoint threatened to kill the young man if he talked about the incident. It is worth noting that the checkpoint that stopped the young man and robbed his money is notorious, while members stationed their clamp down on civilians passing by, without any deterrent to stop their practices against civilians.


While on March 23, reliable sources informed SOHR that patrols of the Islamic faction of “Al-Sham Corps”, which is close to the Turkish Intelligence, have arrested five civilians in Basofan and Burj Haydar villages of Shirawa district in Afrin countryside in the north-west of Aleppo for unknown reasons.

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